Linda Aures running for mayor in Forestville

Linda F. Aures has announced her candidacy for mayor for the village of Forestville.

Aures and her family relocated from Buffalo to Hanover 25 years ago. They lived in Silver Creek until 2005, when Linda and her husband moved to Forestville because of the quaintness, friendly people, and comparatively low taxes and reasonable water rates of the village.

While the quaintness and friendly people remain, Aures found that the low taxes and reasonable water rates were slipping away along with respectful and accountable interaction of government officials with the taxpayers. Her interactions with Forestville officials, first as a taxpayer and now as both a taxpayer and a village trustee, have convinced her that many of those entrusted to conduct village business on behalf of the taxpayers are either unable or unwilling to do so in a forthright and prudent manner.

The recently published findings from the NYS Comptroller audit appear to support Aures’ opinion, providing even more concrete evidence that substantial, positive changes are required to improve village operations.

During her first year as village trustee, Aures took a number of stances that ran contrary to the other village officials, as a direct result of feedback she received from village taxpayers. While receiving encouragement from many of the taxpayers, some involved have suggested that she should go along to get along and be more of a team player. To such, she has assured them that is something her conscience will not let her do as Aures believes herself to be on the taxpayers team.

Approached by a number of people in the village, Aures has decided to run for mayor to utilize her education, experience and commitment to serve the taxpayers.

Her education includes graduating summa cum laude from Erie Community College with an AAS in paralegal and graduating cum laude from SUNY-Fredonia with a BA in political science. Her professional experience includes working for Cornell University and Penn State’s joint Lake Erie Regional Grape Program where she maintained accurate budgets for all specialists before retiring in June 2009. This is in addition to the very real experience gained in childrearing and homemaking.

Asked about the possibility of an adverse affect on the water project from changes in leadership, Aures replied that there is no reason for problems as the current protocol of the board voting on all resolutions concerning the water project after receiving recommendations from either the engineer or lawyer will be continued.

Regarding other changes, Aures has said that she is very willing to take advantage of the free training offered by the NYS Comptroller, the Council of Mayors and other such organizations and encouraging other village officials and staff to also make use of such resources to better understand and comply with applicable regulations, including laws related to open and transparent government.

As a government official sworn to serve the Village of Forestville, Aures states, “I know where my allegiances belong; not to a personal agenda or a friends and family plan but to the hardworking men and women of the village of Forestville on whose backs the decisions of the village officials ultimately rest. My goal and my promise is to give ‘all’ taxpayers a voice. I appreciate the taxpayers giving me the opportunity to do so.”

Aures encouraged anyone needing a ride to vote at the polls on March 19 to call her at 965-2170.