Snowmobilers, sesos empanados and smoke-free living

First of all I want to thank all the snowmobilers in Chautauqua County for the impact they make for our county. These people have prepared 560 miles of trails in two weeks. Keep in mind these people who do so much are all volunteers. With the economy being what it is, we’re going to see more volunteers in action. They have my utmost respect. Then I heard the good news that the “Sno-Goer Magazine” had nothing but praise for our snowmobilers. The publicity will be for next year’s season which runs from August to March. The writer claims he will put us on the map! Even though their publication’s home base is Minneapolis, Minn., they have more subscribers in New York state than in any other state!

When we (our organization without a name) held our second meeting, we had a representative of the snowmobilers as our speaker. We were so impressed about the money they brought into our county. Snowmobiles cost about $12,000 new. Then people spend money on gas, upkeep, clothing, accessories, eating at restaurants, etc. It all adds up to millions of dollars.

This year did not look good for the snowmobilers. Shortly after it snowed it rained, and there went the snow. Fortunately, we got more snow and activity picked up. We must thank all the property owners that allow the trails on their land. Whenever you see progress being made, it’s never done by one person alone. Oh, leaders are valuable, but without followers leaders are nothing.

Last night I attended a board of directors meeting of CIAO. I told them about a dream package we have of holding an ethnic festival in the fall. They were all excited. They want to participate in cooking and eating. Here again we need people of all nationalities and heritages to get involved. At this point we’re waiting for the Chautauqua County Fairgrounds people to come back home so we can get some specifics on when and how. I’ll keep you informed. I was just thinking about it.

Out of all the people I have invited to my house for spaghetti dinners, no one has ever invited me for Polish food, or Puerto Rican food, or Swedish food, Irish, or any other. Isn’t that strange? If you don’t want my company you could always just drop it off. I would love to try it.

Anyway, this Ethnic Festival program could involve a talent show featuring ethnic song and dance numbers. And we could also have open dancing. I’d love it. How about you? We’ll need lots of volunteers and attendees. Get your minds going and figure out what part you want to play in the celebration.

Now here’s some good news for people who are quitting smoking or plan on quitting smoking. Would you believe that 20 minutes after quitting smoking your blood pressure drops to normal, your pulse rate drops to normal and the temperature of your hands and feet increases to a normal degree?

In eight hours carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal and oxygen level increases to normal. In 24 hours chance of heart attack decreases. In 48 hours nerve endings start regrowing, ability to smell and taste is enhanced and walking becomes easier.

In two weeks to three months circulation improves and lung function increases up to 30 percent.

In one to nine months, coughing, sinus, congestion, fatigue and shortness of breath decrease. Also, the cilia in the lungs begin to regrow, increasing the body’s ability to handle mucus, clean the lungs and reduce infection. Then in one year’s time the risk of coronary disease is half that of a smoker’s risk.

Just think of all the benefits from quitting smoking that you can enjoy in just one year!

All this information came from Hamot Heart Institute.

If you’ve been thinking about quitting, I hope all this good news is the push you needed to get started. It’s never too late to start getting healthier.

Margaret Valone is a Fredonia resident. Send comments on this column to