Religion Club News

Fruit of the Vine Ultreya

Fruit of the Vine Ultreya held its regular monthly February meetings.

The Feb. 14 meeting was attended by seven members. It opened with song and then it was followed by a moment of silent prayer followed by grouping.

When the members gathered back together, Mary Jane Hens introduced Donna Civiletto as the witness speaker. Civiletto opened with a prayer and asked Maria Hens to read a scripture passage. Civiletto’s witness talk was on her experiences at 2nd Touch Weekend. Deacon Matt Hens gave a brief doctornal.

Business news was that now the group is not responsible for hosting the Reunion Mass with the bishop in April. All Ultreyas are jointly hosting the Mass. Maria suggested that since it is going to be on a regular meeting night, the group can possibly plan on meeting at St. Joseph’s and driving into Buffalo together. The meeting closed with prayers and petitions.

The Feb. 28 meeting was attended by three people. It opened with prayer and grouping.

Rene Tarnowski gave the witness talk “Faith: Why is it that all faiths can’t get along as one?” There was a brief discussion of it afterwards.

Hens said that he is busy working on the next CCM weekend, for which he is the rector. The team is in formation. Hens also reported that since the Reunion Mass originally scheduled for April is now being jointly hosted by all the Ultreyas, and it is the Mass with the bishop, the Reunion Mass has been rescheduled for June.

The next meeting will be Thursday, March 14. This will be the only meeting held in March. Looking ahead, the meeting after that will be Thursday, April 11, which will be the night of the mass in Buffalo with the bishop. All members are encouraged to attend the next meeting on March 14.