Silver Creek school discusses discipline


OBSERVER Assistant News Editor

SILVER CREEK – A different approach and positive activities are the cause for decreased discipline, according to Silver Creek High School Principal James Klubek.

Klubek presented the discipline report at a recent meeting of the board of education. The report showed a list of the disciplinary actions and a comparison of how many students were in each category last year versus this year.

Many of the items on the list showed a dramatic decrease in the number of students being disciplined this year. One category that showed an increase was behavior plans.

“This number is telling of our approach this year because we are trying to correct the behavior instead of just issuing punishment,” Klubek explained.

Klubek said he believes students are getting the message: “if they come to school and do what they are supposed to do, then they will be rewarded.”

Superintendent Daniel Ljiljanich said he contributes Klubek’s leadership for the good numbers. Klubek said the positivity in the school has a lot to do with it.

“The more positive you make the school the more they will want to come to school,” he explained.

He said events like Pink the Gym have a very positive impact on the school community.

The board thanked Klubek for his report.

The board also approved capital project bids. Ljiljanich noted the bids came in under what was expected so alternate projects could be afforded. He also noted capital project funding can only be used for capital projects and not to balance the budget.

The board also approved new courses including psychology, sociology, women’s studies, sports and entertainment marketing and digital film making. Ljiljanich explained these are two years of one-semester electives the district offers based on students’ interest.

The next board meeting will be March 13.

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