Peter Johnson seeks mayor’s post in Gowanda

Peter P. Johnson announced his candidacy for Mayor of the village of Gowanda.

“I would like to share with you the vision I have and would like to accomplish as Mayor with the help from the taxpayers and residents of Gowanda. I want to find a way to attract more Commercial businesses to come to our village.”

A lifelong resident of Gowanda, Johnson served in the Navy and has a combined 20 years of service with the Gowanda Fire Department He is a Gowanda Central School graduate and graduate of Wyoming Technical Institute with a degree in Diesel Technology. Johnson was previously a Boy Scout, and is a member of St. Joe’s Church, as well as an alumni of St. Joe’s School.

“Another vision I have is to bring in industrial jobs to take the burden of most of the taxes off the residents. If we want consistency in our village government, it needs to be run like a business. One way to measure this proposed idea is to see what our village government’s Return on Investment is. In any business, one of the measurements that is central to its being successful is the Return on Investment. What this means for us is, when we pay for goods and services for our village, or employees to work for the village, we as the village government, need to determine if this is really a cost or an investment to our village,” Johnson said

Johnson is married and is the father of two children.

“We are centrally located between three counties which all have attractions that people must drive through Gowanda to get to. We need to capitalize on that, and with the ever rise in the cost of living, need to focus on making Gowanda a place to stop, shop and live in!”

Johnson asks for your consideration on Election Day, March 19 with voting from noon until 9 p.m. at Gowanda Village Municipal Building