Dog discrimination

ARKWRIGHT – Arkwright resident Chris Cannon thinks that a proposed law providing for licensing of purebred dogs discriminates against mutts.

The Arkwright Town Board held a public hearing on a proposed local law that would amend the current law that provides for the licensing and identification of dogs, by providing for the issuance of purebred licenses. It also sets the fees for the licenses – $50 for one to 10 registered purebred dogs or dogs eligible for registration over the age of four months; $75 for more than 10 purebred dogs.

Depending on the number of dogs, this license would offer a discount for multiple dogs.

Cannon’s point was that if a resident chose to own multiple mixed breed dogs, that resident should be entitled to a discount too.

“Redo the local law to change the pricing for all dogs,” he said.

Steve Mead, Highway Superintendent said, “My thought is: don’t do anything with this now. Look at the licensing from the ground up.”

Councilman Roger Cardot agreed and noted, “There is a misconception here. A purebred license does not equal a kennel license.”

Under town law, a kennel is a zoning ordinance matter. “A kennel is allowed by special use permit,” said Town Supervisor Frederic Norton.

A local resident, not named at the hearing, asked for a purebred license, noting his insurance wanted purebred licenses.

Mead suggested without changing the law, perhaps the current license application could be changed to allow a place for the owner to request that the dog be licensed as a purebred.

The notice of the public hearing and the full text of the law was published in the legal notice section of the OBSERVER as required.

This matter should be on the agenda for the next board meeting which will be held today at 7:30 p.m. at the Town of Arkwright municipal building.

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