Cassadaga Elementary school will close June 30

OBSERVER Staff Report

SINCLAIRVILLE – The Cassadaga Valley Board of Education voted unanimously tonight to close the Cassadaga Elementary School effective June 30. Next year all students pre-k through 5 will attend the Sinclairville Elementary School.

The vote came without comment. One of 10 motions under school business, the motions were approved as a whole.

Before the vote, during the recognition of unscheduled visitors, resident Mark Cunningham spoke to the board. He said that he canvassed 65-70 houses. He said 95 percent of the people did not know that the action was contemplated, and all but two favored keeping the building open.

Near the end of the meeting, S. Carl Perry, the board of education representative to the committee that studied the matter, said that the points on both sides were valid.

“The harsh reality is that we have a budget to balance,” he said.

At the next regular board meeting, a committee may be appointed to make recommendations about possible uses for the building.