Hanover hears village DPW compliance report

HANOVER – Ask and you shall receive.

That is what happened with the Hanover Town Board after Supervisor Todd Johnson asked for an update on the village’s compliance with special use permit stipulations for the department of public works building.

At Monday’s Town Board meeting, village Trustee, and soon-to-be Mayor, Nick Piccolo said at the last town board meeting he was not up to date on the status of the project to get the building into compliance However, after the meeting he went to Streets Foreman Ralph Crawford to find out what was being done.

Piccolo asked Crawford to attend the meeting to give a report to the town board.

“Rather than make any mis-statements I asked Ralph to come here because the next day I did get ahold of him and wanted to know where we were at on certain things and how we were progressing. He did go ahead and he called Mark (Ellis) and he contacted people with the state and county … I don’t want this to be blown out of proportion, like the town’s doing special favors for the village or the village expects special privileges from the town. That’s not what it’s all about. We just got our use permit in October and of course the weather got bad so there wasn’t much we could do. But as soon as the weather breaks we are going to do what we have to do,” he said.

Crawford explained the village must satisfy state requirements before it can begin tying into the sewer or moving the driveway as was required.

“I contacted the state and they are asking for certified drawings from either the DEC or the health department or Mark (Ellis) from the town. I got them to sign off from the DEC that they don’t have nothing. I am still waiting on the letter back from the health department saying they have nothing. I talked to Mark today, we talked about the code and the tie-in, what he was expecting and it’s all drawn up here waiting for him to sign and then we will be ready to start,” he explained about the sewer hookup requirement.

He said the village must have the state department of transportation’s approval to move the driveway.

“The driveway also that is basically the state’s decision whether we can move it, it’s not our decision. I am requesting we eliminate one driveway and move the other one down farther, which would be roughly 250 feet from the end of the building east (along Route 5/20),” he explained.

Councilman Kenneth Cross thanked Piccolo for taking care of this issue. Piccolo said he intends to maintain a good working relationship with the town.

The board also discussed having a meeting with the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Department later in the month in order to discuss renewing its police protection contract.

Cross, after reviewing meeting minutes from as far back as 1975, said he would like to go forward in designing a sign for the bicentennial park on King Road which would also thank the Vancuren family for the donation of the land. The board agreed.

The next meeting of the town board will be held March 25. The planning board will meet March 18 and the zoning board of appeals will meet March 19, both at 7 p.m.