No public debate for Forestville candidates

FORESTVILLE – Some items of business were accomplished at the recent meeting of the village board while others were tabled.

The members of the Forestville Village Board decided against holding a debate involving the mayoral candidates and trustee candidates.

The motion was listed on the agenda as “motion to invite the League of Women Voters to hold a debate between the mayoral candidate and trustee candidates at a time to be determined prior to the election of March 19th 2013.”

Linda Aures made the motion. There was no second. A vote was taken with only Aures responding aye.

The board acted on two items concerning the water project. The board voted to approve payment of $99,69775 to H & K Services for work on the well tie-ins.

The board also approved payment of $33,585 to Clark Patterson Lee for professional services. Both payments are contingent on approval from Environmental Facilities Corporation, the funding agency and the New York State Department of Health.

The board unanimously approved a motion to have background checks done on all Youth Recreation personnel going forward. It also approved closing out the Youth Recreational checking account on the advice of Bahgat Laurito and Bahgat, which is overseeing the village’s bookkeeping.

Two items were tabled. One was the acceptance of the minutes from the board meeting held Jan. 29. Aures pointed out that while she was excused from that meeting due to a funeral, some sections have her making motions.

The other matter tabled read, “Motion to review concerns of excluding Fire Department Members in voting matters and possible recruitment of future members.” Mayor Bowker tabled this.

Bowker also read the streets and water report on behalf of the supervisor, Charles Brewster, who was excused from the meeting. She especially emphasized the help received from the Village of Silver Creek and the Town of Hanover to repair a water leak.

“This was near closing time and they still came to help,”she said. She noted that the village had machinery that was able to scoop out and clear the area so the leak could be repaired.

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