Major races in 3 villages

Three village elections deserve the attention of north county residents on Tuesday. High-profile races, due to some poor decisions in recent years, take place in Forestville and Silver Creek. The other race, while of lesser profile, is hotly contested in Westfield.

FORESTVILLE – Anyone who reads this corner on a regular basis knows our disappointment with this village for its lack of professionalism and careless pay raises – approved by the board – over the recent years. Board newcomer Linda Aures has earned strong consideration for mayor as she has posed questions and has an accountability factor that has been missing in this village for years. We commend Katherine “Beth” Bowker for stepping up as mayor since the resignation of Charles Brewster, now current Department of Public Works supervisor. We also believe Margaret Borrello and Kevin Johnson, who promises “transparency” for the future, have the best shot to get the village on a more disciplined track.

SILVER CREEK – After serving as trustee for almost one year, both the Democratic and Republican parties have put their faith in Nick Piccolo for mayor. That is high praise and a tribute to Piccolo from the parties, which have seemingly been divided for years. Without question, Piccolo will be a welcome improvement as mayor. The race for trustee, however, is not as simple. Four candidates with the village at heart are running at a time when the municipality is staring at a crisis. Warren Kelly is the only candidate who, in announcements to this newspaper, talks consolidation. Other candidates, including incumbent Tom Harmon and newcomers Anthony Pearl and Deanna Coggins have strong resumes. We give our backing to Kelly and Coggins.

WESTFIELD – Though we are not offering an endorsement in this village race, we do note there has been success during the Mayor David Carr administration, which has come with some assistance of his opponent Mike VandeVelde, who previously served as trustee. Four also are seeking two seats on the board. They include: Debra S. Puckhaber, Chris Jaynes, Robert Cochran and Thomas Rackowski. Our disappointment in this village race is no candidates here are talking shared services or consolidation. That is unfortunate because most of the candidates in this village are talking about building industry in their announcements in The Westfield Republican. Big industry, however, bolted Westfield due to its tax burden. Though most of that comes from the school, the village and its leaders are responsible for a chunk of it.

A note on election letters

The OBSERVER will publish letters regarding upcoming village elections through Sunday. Residents with opinions on the Tuesday elections have until 2 p.m. today to get their letter to the OBSERVER for publication.