Guns are part of unperfect world

In response to the commentary “Gun law brings ‘radical’ thoughts” (Feb. 20), the writer makes some points that are his opinion and his right under the First Amendment. Driving autos is not part of our Constitution and is a privilege not a right. Driving rights can be taken away.

The Second Amendment is a right just as the First Amendment. The government would like to regulate the right to bear arms like they do driving. Just think of the fun they would have with imposing regulations, special permits, taxes, how many guns you can own, how much ammo you can possess. … Oh wait! They are doing most of that now. Regulations till there is nothing left.

As for confiscating and banning guns, it’s already started. Just look at what state Gov. Andrew Cuomo has done to New York state. He has created criminals out of its citizens with this unjust gun ban. I have held a handgun permit since 1973 along with various shotguns and rifles and to me this is over the top. If they are not banning or confiscating, then what do you call it?

Men and women served their country to defend the rights of America and other countries. Many have died and been injured to uphold what so many of us take for granted. So why is it unheard of for these same men and women to stand up to defend America and its Constitution? No, it’s not 1776 anymore, it is 2013 and much more scary now than it was then with much more violence, drugs and corruption with people who do not share our values on life and liberty. People who have no respect for your life, your home, or your children.

In a perfect world we would not need guns for protection but then again this is not a perfect world and never will be. You will always have people who are evil and will use any means to accomplish their agenda.

As for me, I wish to keep the Second Amendment as a deterrent against this type of society. We cannot take on the government with force and the people who are demonstrating peacefully understand this. This is why they are using their First Amendment rights

I am not writing this to create hard feelings with the writer, I am writing this as an American citizen and veteran of the U.S. Navy who served so that all people would have a right to their opinion. This is mine.

In 1776, there was the American Revolution. Look at what it accomplished.

James R. Lisa is a Silver Creek resident.