Pine Valley approves baseball trip

SOUTH DAYTON – The Pine Valley baseball team will be traveling to Cooperstown in the spring, a trip the Board of Education approved.

Baseball coach Chris Buczek and Athletic Director Mark Chase gave details about the trip that would occur in May. The baseball team would travel to Cooperstown to play Randolph on May 13. The team would return following the game and would leave from the school the day prior.

While there, the team would also do some sightseeing and visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. Buczek said Randolph invited the team to play the away game.

“Randolph approached (us) and thought it was a good idea,” Buczek said.

The team would have to pay for the cost of the field as well as the officials in the game. Randolph and Pine Valley would split the cost of the umpires, a normal practice for any game. The field cost is already covered by the baseball budget.

“It would be like we were playing them, as far as officials go, as in a regular game,” Buczek said.

The team would have to raise the funds for admission into the baseball hall of fame, $17.50 per student, and the cost of a hotel for one night, in addition to meals.

“We’re looking to team up with the South Dayton Hotel to help defray the costs,” Buczek said. “There was talk about having a pancake breakfast on a Sunday morning. We don’t want this to cost the students anything.”

The board approved the trip and for the students to miss a day of school. Details of a fundraiser have not yet been set.

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