‘Dinosaur’ sighted at Fredonia Elementary

A life-size, seemingly living and breathing dinosaur is the last thing one would expect to see in a first-grade classroom, but that is exactly what appeared in Mrs. Haas’ classroom recently.

Michael Kelley of Nickel City Pixels, Inc., visited this first-grade classroom where he presented his latest creation: a life-size Augmented Reality dinosaur. He demonstrated with the children how an Augmented Reality app allows a smart-phone or tablet to recognize an image target. Then, once the image is targeted, up pops an animated, 3D T-Rex stomping, roaring and looking for food. The children were amazed at the authentic look of the dinosaur and were able to stand next to it while it thrashed its tail at them and stomped on their feet (in virtual reality world). The app also let the children walk around and view it from every angle, interact with it, and even feed it.

Kelley briefly described to the first-graders how a T-Rex is created with the use of many shapes. The children were excited to draw their very own T-Rex along with him as they used several geometric shapes such as ovals, circles, rectangles and triangles.