Bus accident leads to charges

POMFRET – Thursday afternoon, a motor vehicle accident between a Brocton school bus transporting children home from school and a car resulted in minimal damage to the bus, extensive damage to the car, a ticket for the operator of the car, but fortunately no injuries to anyone involved.

At about 4 p.m. Chautauqua County Sher-iff’s deputies were called to Route 20 for the accident. After their investigation, they reported that Laurie Travis, 41, of Brocton was operating the bus and was attempting to make a left turn into a business so that she could safely turn her bus around.

Marianne Drzymala, 23, of West Lake Road Fredonia was behind the bus. She was unable to stop her vehicle as the bus was turning and struck the back of the bus, disabling her car.

Superintendent of Brocton Central School, John Hertlein, reported to the scene to assist. The students were taken back to the school.

Hertlein later said, “All the kids are fine. The school nurse and David Hazelton (school board member and an EMT) checked over the students and we contacted the parents.

Most of them came to pick up their children. Two sheriff’s deputies were at the scene as well as a state trooper, so there was plenty of assistance.”

Drzymala was issued a traffic ticket for following too closely. She is scheduled to appear in the Town of Pomfret Court at a later date and time.

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