Carr drives Westfield improvements

Please re-elect David Carr as mayor for the village of Westfield. We feel he has demonstrated exceptional leadership through some tough circumstances. He treats the part-time job of mayor as a full-time job. He is a strong supporter of our local business and is a watchdog over village taxes for all village residents while trying to maintain and improve our community. Some of his and the Village Board’s accomplishments under his leadership are as follows:

Improving both Moore Park and Lincoln/Bedell Park. These both are beautiful attractions for our village and have seen multiple improvements.

Instituted an automatic meter reading system for water and electricity. All meters can now be read in three days instead of in a month and a half. This enabled the village to not replace a retiree with a new person, saving the village residents money.

Purchased the old Add Lumber facility for the storage of the Electric Department vehicles instead of the more costly option of building a new facility. The several other outbuildings can now be used for DPW equipment storage. Again, that’s another cost savings.

They purchased a parcel of land behind the DPW building on Bourne Street. It is used as a composting facility where residents can bring yard waste at no cost. Residents can also pick up at no cost mulch which is produced from the yard waste to cover their flower and planting beds. So the yard waste is actually being RECYCLED!

Along with a grant from Sen. Catharine Young, being instrumental in starting the Westfield Farmer’s Market. This has grown each year and is a big summer attraction to our village.

Strong support of the Fire Department. Under his leadership and along with being fortunate to have a member of the Fire Department successful in grant writing, they have placed in service a new pumper tanker, a new ladder truck and a new ambulance.

Instituting the Board of Fire Commissioners. This board is now in charge of the Fire Department and its purpose is to ensure the Fire Department’s success and that of its members. It has successfully separated the Fire Department from the Westfield Fire Department Exempt Association. This was a major step to clearing up any ambiguity as to their fundraising efforts. Residents can now be confident that if they support the Fire Department, their contributions will go directly for that purpose. The BOFC is also working to recruit and retain Fire Department members, while making sure our bravest have the equipment and training they need to protect us all.

Instituted longevity steps for village employees. These include creating the position of sergeant in the Police Department and combining the Water and Wastewater Department. With this they have authorized upgrades and improvements to both departments which had been neglected for many years. This includes recruiting a new supervisor for the wastewater treatment facility who has done a great job of bringing the facility into the 21st century with new ideas, improved maintenance, and has saved the village thousands of dollars by doing in-house repairs rather than having to hire outside contractors.

The Electrical Department has improved efficiency by re-conductoring the entire village, replacing old power poles and installing new transformers. This has lessened the chance of power outages caused by overloading the system.

Being successful in locating someone to rebuild the burned-out building on Main Street which is now known as the R.O.R. Building. This facility now houses the Verizon Wireless office on the ground floor, and a kickboxing, karate and complete exercise facility on the second floor.

Recently received notice that the Main Street Grant in the amount of $175,000 had been awarded for facade and inside restoration of businesses on Main Street.

Been instrumental in securing a new food processing facility which will be located on Bourne Street in the old Westfield Sewing Factory, later known as the Westfield Firemen’s Exempt Association building. The owners hope to be in business by May or June of this year. They are looking for 15 employees immediately and hope to hire 35 to 40 more very soon. This venture will put the property back on the tax rolls and will create new jobs! That’s something our village desperately needs. Carr has worked enthusiastically with the county IDA and others to make this happen.

He has been focused on upgrading the appearance of the village, supporting village businesses and looking for new opportunities to create new employment, all while keeping our taxes in check. He has done all of that and deserves your vote. Please vote for David Carr on March 19.

Robert Neratko and Barry Underwood are Westfield residents.