Cassadaga Street Supervisor’s salary to be adjusted

CASSADAGA – The Cassadaga Valley Board recently met in executive session for personnel matters.

One of the personnel matters was revealed at the regular session. Street Supervisor Thomas Fetter has been overpaid, and this was discovered during recent budget workshops.

The Board passed a resolution to adjust Fetter’s salary. Village Attorney Michael Norris read into the record the resolution directing Roxanne Astry, clerk-treasurer, to make an adjustment with Fetter’s next check and continue through May 31, the end of the village’s fiscal year. She is also to amend the 2012-2013 budget to accurately reflect the yearly rate of compensation.

This is the way the error occurred.

For budget year 2011-2012 Fetter’s yearly rate of compensation was $32,469.84. His hourly rate was $15.61. The total amount appropriated on the budget line was $34,090.

The budget for 2012-2013 listed the rate of compensation at $34,412 and appropriated that amount in the budget line for the position.

After the budget was adopted but prior to the beginning of the 2012-2013 fiscal year, the village board increased Fetter’s salary by 1 percent. Astry added the 1 percent to budget line ($34,412) instead of the 2011-2012 rate of pay ($32,469.84). Fetter’s yearly pay rate through May 31, 2013 actually is $32,794.53.

Fetter was calm about the situation, but said, “Of course I am not happy to get less in my check.”

Astry was unhappy about the improper calculation. Trustee Valerie Culverwell told her, “It’s not just your fault. We all should have caught it.”

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