January Students of the Month at Chautauqua Lake

MAYVILLE – Students of the Month at Chautauqua Lake Central School, honored for January achievements, are Kelsie Breads, Jordan Mulholland, Joshua Ivars, Katherine Syper, Jonathon Wiggers and Mikayla Martin. The student recognition program honors students in grades seven through 12 whose classroom performance, attitude toward learning, work ethic and extracurricular activities set them apart. Teachers Marlea Brown and Amy Redman coordinate the Student of the Month recognition program in the secondary school.

Senior Kelsie Lee Breads is the daughter of Jonathan and Colleen Breads of Mayville. Human Anatomy is Breads’ favorite subject, and she plans to attend college to become a physical therapist. Breads plays varsity soccer and is a member of the School Health Advisory Council, Sources of Strength. She is a peer tutor and competes in the Science Olympiad. Outside of school she is active in Upward Bound. When asked what person in history she admires, Breads selected Robert H. Jackson because he was a phenomenal writer who helped establish international legal principles regarding human rights in the Nuremberg Trials. To be another person for a day, Breads selected President Obama.

Psychology, Spanish and pre-calculus are the favorite subjects of junior Jordan Joan Mulholland, daughter of Timothy and Belinda Mulholland of Dewittville. Jordan competes on the varsity volleyball team; is a peer tutor; and participates in Student Administration, Spanish Club and the Interact Club. She is an active member of the National Honor Society. Mulholland is vice-president of the junior class and enjoys playing the guitar with her father, knitting, yoga and traveling. Spending time with family and friends is also very important to her. Mulholland’s plans after high school include attending a university to major in psychology. Dr. John Forbes Nash is the person in history whom Mulholland admires; although he struggled with his illness, “he was a man with an amazing brain that led him to obtain a Nobel Prize.” To be another person for a day, Mulholland chose James Taylor, so that she could learn “to play the guitar as beautifully as he does.”

Sophomore Joshua Etienne Ivars, who is the son of Jenice Blackwood of Mayville, selected Digital Electronics and Global Studies as his favorite subjects. Ivars plays indoor and outdoor soccer and enjoys Xbox; spending time with friends is also important to him. After high school he would like to pursue a career in aerospace engineering. Napoleon Bonaparte is the person in history whom Ivars most admires.

Katherine Syper is the daughter of Rick Syper and Lynette Gloss of Mayville. Syper is a freshman who enjoys math and science. She participates in track and is a member of the peer tutoring team.

Outside of school, Syper is involved year around with competitive cheerleading. Unsure of what career she will pursue, Syper would like to attend college in a big city, perhaps in New York. The person she most admires is her mother, because of “what she has done for me, and she has helped many other people.” To be another person for a day, Syper would want to be a famous person in the music industry to see how long it takes to produce music.

Jonathon Wiggers, an eighth-grader, is the son of Doug and Jacqui Wiggers of Ashville. English is Wiggers’ favorite subject. He plays football and enjoys country, rock and rap music and enjoys having friends come over to play games. After high school Wiggers would like to be a mechanic or a game designer. To be another person for a day, he selected an Army Ranger “because they are heroes.”

Seventh-grader Mikayla Alice Martin is the daughter of Stephanie and Todd Martin of Mayville. Martin selected English, social studies, math and science as her favorite subjects. She plays basketball and participates in track and swimming. She likes to draw anime and write her own music. Martin plays the guitar and piano and enjoys skateboarding, biking and Babe Ruth softball in the summer.

Long range plans include college to prepare for a career in criminal justice. Her favorite person in history is Rosa Parks, “because she stood up for what she believed in and did not move for that man on the bus.”

For a day, Martin would like to be an FBI agent to see if a job in that field would be something she would like.