Debate was an opportunity


At the Forestville Village Board meeting on Feb. 26, Linda Aures made a motion to invite the League of Women Voters to hold a debate between the mayoral candidates and candidates for trustee. After the motion was made there was dead silence. This motion was not sprung on the board at the last minute, it was on the agenda.

But was it the mere thought of having the residents know what is really going on in their village that frightened the rest of the board which made them unable to second the motion? Secrecy has been a major problem of our local government for years.



2 best options for village


Change in Silver Creek is possible with the right people in office. We have two well-educated and highly qualified candidates running for trustee under the Democratic Party. Both candidates are concerned citizens, not previous bias politicians, who are experienced with fiscal and legal responsibility and dedicated to the growth of the Silver Creek community.

Deanna Coggins is an accountant and auditor. She is active in several organizations. Anthony Pearl is a state certified court clerk, with knowledge of the legal system in New York state.

Both candidates have children in our school district and wish to restore the quality of life we used to have in Silver Creek.

In order to expect change for the better in tough times, we need elected officials who support transparency in government and who are willing to work hard for all residents of the village.


Silver Creek

‘Anguish’ takes toll on vets


Too often the media and popular culture glorify war without realizing the anguish veterans must live with in silence for the rest of their lives.

With wars in progress and the fear of seeming unpatriotic at such times, it is not easy to put into words what we feel in our hearts.

One would think that after 5,000 years of civilization and with all the intelligence and creativity we have, we would find more peaceful means to settle international differences.