Brocton School Board passes resolutions


OBSERVER Staff Writer

BROCTON – A number of resolutions were passed by the Brocton Board of Education at its most recent meeting. These dealt with personnel matters, accepting donations, extending a grant, shared sports with Westfield, and adopting a calendar for 2013-2014.

All but one of the resolutions was passed unanimously by board members present. Board member Todd McFadden abstained “for personal reasons” on a vote to appoint Tracey McFadden as a long-term substitute for Jodi Huber retroactive to Jan. 2 and ending March 8 at a pro-rated salary of $35,168.20 with no medical insurance benefits.

After the meeting, Linda Miller, District Clerk, confirmed that Todd is related to Tracey and said, “In that case, the board member abstains.”

A number of substitute personnel were appointed: Janet Snow (registered nurse) as a substitute nurse; Caldwell Proper (certified library media specialist) as a substitute teacher; Dan Lawrence (certified in chemistry, biology, science 7-12, counselor K-12) as a substitute teacher for grades 6-12; Carlyn Petrella (not certified) as a substitute teacher or teacher assistant and James Peil (awaiting certification) as a substitute teacher, teacher assistant or teacher aide.

Huber was granted a one-week extension of her childbearing/rearing leave and began work on March 11.

In addition, Bill Maher and Paul Hurley were approved as volunteer assistant baseball coaches for the 2013 season.

The board of education accepted a donation of a new indoor batting cage and ceiling installation kit from the Brocton Boosters Club. The equipment, valued at $1,365, will be installed in the elementary gym. Norman Schamel of Elmira donated two musical instruments, a Vito alto saxophone and a Vito clarinet, to the school. The total value of the donation was $250.

The board also accepted an extension (about $10,000) of the district’s after-school Chautauqua Opportunities Inc. grant which will be used to further fund after-school academic and wellness programs.

The board entered into a shared sports agreement with Westfield Academy and Central School for junior varsity and varsity girls volleyball and varsity track. For volleyball, Brocton Central is the host district. For track Westfield is the host district.

The board also adopted the 2013-2014 school calendar. Superintendent John Hertlein explained that calendars from BOCES and Westfield “mostly match” the Brocton calendar and four snow days are built in.

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