Time capsule items sought for arch rededication


OBSERVER Correspondent

BROCTON – The year 2013 will be suspended and sealed for the village of Brocton.

As plans are rapidly progressing for the village’s four corner arch to be refurbished and restored in the center of town, the Board of Trustees is seeking items for their time capsule, which will be sealed inside the brick base of the arch donors’ honorary plaque to be constructed in the Village Hall’s green space.

“We’re looking for suggestions from anyone about what to include and welcome anyone’s input,” stated Village Clerk Karen Ardillo.

At least one of the items for the time capsule will be a 2013 yearbook from Brocton Central School, and ideas about local food establishment menus has been discussed.

Ardillo also reported during the board’s meeting, that Trustee J. Dale Abram is continuing his work on the honorary plaque and base to be constructed to recognize the countless donations given by the public towards the refurbishment and restoration of the unique structure.

Mayor Dave Hazelton reported with his discussions with Buffalo Iron Corporation representatives, “the big issue right now is overnight temperatures. It has to be above freezing at night in order for the bolts to be painted in place. And they will plan on doing that only when the overnight temperatures are above freezing. The plan is to put the four legs up on a Saturday, and then on Sunday close down the roadway to put the rest up. I’m told it will go up faster than it came down.”

The mayor also reported he’s still working with representatives from Color Kinetics on the possibility of color-changing LED lights to work in the structure.

Trustee Abram presented sketches for the honorary plaque to the board Wednesday so they could see a true-to-size drawing of what the plaque will look like on the brick base.

The board unanimously approved Morrison Sign & Fabrications to construct the base and plaque, as well as provide the time capsule at a cost not to exceed $11,566. Village Attorney Sam Drayo clarified that because the amount is under $20,000, and it involves no taxpayer dollars, it is not subject to competitive bid pricing. The brick base, plaque and capsule will be paid directly out of the funds that were generously donated by supporters of the project.

Those with time capsule suggestions may contact the clerk’s office during regular business hours at 792-4160.