Freedoms ‘trampled’ by criminals

In his commentary, “Gun law brings radical thoughts,” the writer from Forestville submitted a thought-provoking article about whom he referred to as “zealots.”

We all know about the zealots who get together and talk about marching on Washington. They are a small faction of law-abiding gun owners, who make up an element, of our population, that exceeds our armed forces by 100-to-1!

Most law-abiding gun owners only want to protect themselves from the government marching on them in their desire to confiscate what the constitution has given them! Also, their weapons of choice that they chose to protect the lives of their family and their property is inherent to the love they have for those they wish to protect.

In a country where law and order is being trampled by hardened criminals our police forces cannot be everywhere they are needed at any given time.

Citizens should be self sustained, which means doing what is needed in times of disaster and knowing or obtaining the proper training in the use of firearms. There are signs that the criminal element that is desecrating the cities are slowly moving into the suburbs. It has played like a melodrama on our TV sets. This dangerous element has been ignored. All we had to do is to change channels and it went away. These gangs of riffraff were killing each other and we thought as long as they are killing each other who cares?

To exacerbate this debate our liberal president and liberal governor have seized the killing of children as an opportunity to enact more gun laws though there are many laws already on the books for this purpose.

They use this hysteria tactic on those who expect the government to watch over them in all ways where survival skills are needed. Through the liberal media they painted the members of the NRA as uncaring and insensitive to the safety of our children. How wrong they are.

Even though Barack Obama won a second term for some reason he is still campaigning and Andrew Cuomo wants to take his place. How about our vice president counseling his wife on how to scare off an intruder! “Honey, just grab the double barreled shot gun, walk out on the balcony and pull the triggers.”

I wonder where he would be hiding while she is frightening off the bad guys?

Jack Benson is a Fredonia resident.