A case for God

Most of the modern world’s religions are based on what some consider fairy stories, and folk tales from centuries ago. We understand these stories can stretch the credibility of logical, thinking people, but don’t our modern understandings provide an obvious although often overlooked clue? We really don’t need faith in fables to accept a Grand Creator; just a little common sense and observation will do.

The greatest thing we have going for us in this world is predictability. Everything always behaves according to strict, immutable, uncompromising, law. Consequently we can order our lives to the degree that we understand and manipulate things in accordance with these laws. We generally refer to them as the “Laws of Nature.” They keep the stars and planets, and the movement within atomic structures in their proper orbits. Our cars start every morning, because they have been constructed in strict accordance with these laws.

The scientific community loves to theorize about how the universe got started, or how life developed, but they never seem to wonder where these controlling laws come from. They take for granted that they are just the way things are. They certainly are that, but how did they come to be? Surely they didn’t crawl out from a slime bed on the ocean shore. If there was a slime bed, it was the inevitable result of nature’s laws. If there was a big bang it was caused and controlled by the effect of these laws. Nothing ever just happens without a cause. These laws rule material existence. All of the progress that humanity has made over the centuries has been due to the pursuit of understanding these laws of nature, and working in concert with them.

There are no logical explanations for the birth or existence or of laws that control everything, such as laws of gravity, chemistry, electricity, physics, etc.? They certainly contradict the idea of coincidence, as coincidence would indicate a lack of control or predictability. Control without purpose never happens; it is the result of purpose. There are no events of happenstance. The only thing that is unpredictable dear reader is how you may react to this article, or the reaction of any human mind to any particular stimuli. Informed or uninformed, we have a choice.

All the creatures on earth except humans are programmed by their instincts for certain predictable motivations that tend to ensure their survival. Humans alone have the ability to study, contemplate, solve complex problems, and manage their lives accordingly. We are the only creatures that have complete freedom of choice in all our affairs; as a result we develop into beings that run the gamut from genius to the most horrific monsters, depending upon the choices we make. Part of this is because we think we can do whatever we want, as long as no one catches us. I knew someone who in dieting to lose weight would get up at night and eat like a wolf. The person seemed to think that if no one saw them eating it wouldn’t count.

We have been given laws that govern us, just as everything else is. We suffer for the misuse of our minds, just as we suffer for the misuse of anything else. We lose mental dexterity and honest perception, both necessary to a productive life, if we misuse our brains in ways they were not meant for. We can recognize problems, but dwelling on negativity, resentment, hatred, envy, jealousy selfishness, etc. causes a loss of one’s ability to think clearly, and perceive reality. As a result we bring all kinds of unhappiness, and trouble into our lives. The pity is that too often our mistakes affect others also.

Controlling laws maintain order in everything. Their absence would be complete chaos. They must come from an overall, abiding, purposeful, intelligence. One person who agreed with me on this, objected only to calling it God. Call it what you will; it is greater and more presiding than we can ever understand. May God bless America.

Richard Westlund is a Collins resident. Send comments to