Former area man murdered

INDIANAPOLIS – A memorial service will be held in Indianapolis today for former area resident Thomas Tefft, 67. Tefft was shot to death in his home in Indianapolis on Friday morning.

The Indianapolis Star reports that according to police, Tefft and his wife, Laura, were victims of a robbery at their home. Laura locked herself in a room, fearing for her life. Thomas was fatally shot.

It is believed the suspect was in his 20s and wearing a ski mask. He drove off in the Teffts’ car, a 2009 black Hyundai Sonata. At this time, the police have not apprehended a suspect.

Tefft was born in Jamestown in 1945. He worked in his father’s glass shop, Tefft Glass of Dunkirk. Upon his father’s death, he took over the business. In 1968, he married Laura Craw in Gerry. The couple had a daughter, Lynn Tefft Hoff, currently of Aurora, Ill., and a son, Wade Tefft of Brighton, Colo.

In 1996, the Teffts relocated from Cassadaga to Indianapolis.

His children have asked the public in Indianapolis for help solving the crime. Wade was quoted as saying on Sunday, “We are asking anyone in the community to help us find my father’s killer. There is a cold-blooded murderer loose in the streets of the city tonight. He needs to be found and brought to justice.”

According to the Star, the subdivision where the Teffts live was developed about 30 years ago and consists of brick ranches on small lots.

Extra security was evident at a nearby elementary school. Angie Mansfield, 52, who heads the homeowners’ association said, “They used to be on the homeowners association board. … They were the type of neighbors that were very quiet … but were willing to volunteer their time.”

Mansfield added, “Needless to say it is very troubling. It touches all of us.”

Other neighbors have said the neighborhood has had problems with crime, notably car break-ins and muggings.

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