Cost of consent order work will increase for Silver Creek


OBSERVER Assistant News Editor

SILVER CREEK – The projects associated with the Department of Environmental Conservation’s consent order will cost more than expected for the village of Silver Creek.

Keith Krug, a certified energy manager from Wendel, explained because of increased requirements from the DEC, the cost of the project has increased.

Krug brought quotes for contractors to install generators at the sewer plant and department of public works building as well as a grinder pump and other pump updates.

He explained it makes sense for the village to elevate the generator at the sewer plant because if a flood hits it could take out the generator and defeat the purpose of having one.

Highway Foreman Ralph Crawford said the village currently uses a cement platform to elevate its generator.

Krug said Wendel got estimates for each of the items for the board’s consideration and gave an estimated expense of the project including contingencies.

At Wendel’s presentation to the village board in December, the estimated pro-ject cost was between $3.75 and $4.5 million, 50 percent of which is being funded through the Environmental Facilities Corporation.

After the meeting, Trustee Nick Piccolo, trustee said the village must spend the extra money to comply with the consent order.

“The estimate is over the original price because of new DEC requirements they want us to comply with. They want the exit exhaust aerator system to produce more air. Its something we have to do. I t is going to end up costing about $300,000 more,” he explained.

Piccolo also explained the grinder pump portion of the estimate is to comply with the town of Hanover Zoning Board’s special use permit stipulations for the DPW building.

The village board will meet again April 1. The board will present the tentative budget and hold its public hearing at its April 15 meeting.