North Collins Elementary School PTA challenges Lee Elementary School to recycling competition

NORTH COLLINS – North Collins Elementary School PTA is facing off against Lee Elementary School in a “Recycling Rumble” through April 30 to raise money by recycling, and for the chance to earn cash and win an Apple iPad, compliments of the national fundraising through recycling program FundingFactory.

Since 2008, North Collins Elementary School PTA has raised $4,000 in cash and rewards by recycling empty laser and inkjet cartridges and used cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, GPS devices, and digital cameras with FundingFactory.

Funding Factory matched North Collins Elementary School PTA against Lee Elementary School because of their comparable recycling rates.

The winning organization between the two will earn a 25 percent fundraising bonus in addition to the value of all recyclables sent into FundingFactory between Feb. 13 and April 30. The top recycler among all nationwide match-ups will win an Apple iPad.

“A little healthy competition goes a long way,” said Sean Michaels, co-president of FundingFactory. “Recycling Rumble is a fun, earth-friendly way to motivate the whole community to get involved in recycling and raising money for a worthy cause. In the end, we all win by making the world a cleaner place to live.”

Winning Recycling Rumble will be a community effort. Community members and local businesses are asked to drop off their used ink and laser cartridges and small electronics thru April 15 in the marked collection bins at: North Collins Elementary and High School Foyers, North Collins Library, North Collins Senior Center, Piz-A-Italia North Collins or Musacchio & Pyle, Gowanda.

For information about supporting North Collins Elementary School PTA as an individual or business supporter, contact Brenda at 532-3351 or Visit and to learn about the 2013 Recycling Rumble and the positive impact of greening.