New leadership: Aures wins in Forestville

FORESTVILLE – The election in Forestville has generated interest and controversy.

Tuesday night, candidates and their supporters gathered inside the municipal building before the polls closed to await the results.

Just before 9 p.m. William Tuggle from the Board of Elections asked if there were any more people who needed to vote. He then established that those still in the municipal building were planning to wait. At 9 p.m., he declared the polls closed and said the results from the machine would be available and the absentee ballots would be counted on site. The poll workers would come up with the results and Tuggle announced the final result.

Candidates and their supporters anxiously awaited the work of the election workers who closed the machine and printed out tapes of the results. Tuggle provided one tape for each party and taped one to the wall for the press and other interested persons to see. First time candidate Kevin Johnson stood quietly.

The tape was not definitive because the races were close enough that absentee ballots could have made a difference.

Final results showed that Linda Aures, current trustee, running on the Democratic line, defeated Republican nominee Katherine “Beth” Bowker, the current acting mayor, by a margin of 27 votes: 121 to 94.

Two trustee positions were at stake. With 142 votes, Republican Kevin Johnson was the top vote-getter. Democrat Margaret Borrello received 102 votes to capture a position. Those who did not win included Gloria Yeager, who received 95 votes, and Kimberly Stott, who was appointed to a trustee position by former mayor Charles Brewster. She received 55 votes.

Aures and Borrello, who worked together campaigning, hugged and then accepted congratulations from their supporters.

Yeager immediately came over to congratulate Borrello. She later commented, “It was a good election; everyone worked hard.”

Bowker also congratulated Aures. When asked for a comment she said, “The people have spoken.”

Aures said according to her research, 430 people were eligible to vote. Margaret Workoff who volunteered with the Aures counted 216 people coming in to vote. In addition there were a number of absentee ballots, which would mean that over 50 percent of the eligible votes exercised the right to vote.

Borrello said, “I am thrilled that the village elected me and I will be doing my best.”

Earlier in the day Aures had said, “If I lose, I want to be a gracious loser. If I win, I want to be a gracious winner.”

Later that evening, she thanked her supporters, “I want to continue to work for all the people of the village.”

Workoff said, “We won; the good ol’ boys lost.”

County Legislator Robert Duff, (R-3) who was at the municipal building to hear the results, said, “This is a new day.”

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