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Dunkirk Little League Registration

Dunkirk Little League will hold registration today from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Kosciuszko Club (252 Nevins St.). The cost is $40 for baseball, softball and T-Ball, and $50 for Senior Baseball.

New this year is Dunkirk Senior Baseball. This will take place of the Concord Babe Ruth League. Ages 13-16 may sign up. A parent or guardian must accompany new/returning players to registration. All new players must present a state-certified birth certificate. Hospital and baptismal certificates are not acceptable.

For information about Dunkirk Little League registration, contact Gary Haase 366-4452 or 679-6929. He can also be reached through email at

64th Annual Interstate Teachers

Handicap Bowling Tournament

The 64th Annual Interstate Teachers Handicap Bowling Tournament, a USBC sanctioned event, will take place March 23-24 at Lucky Lanes.

The event is for male and female Educational Institution Employees and guests and competition is for teams, doubles, singles and six games combine.

For more information, contaction Marion Mistretta at 366-8956 or

Adult Bowling

Lucky Lanes

Monday Night Mixed Couples – High team single: Taber Trucking II 647. High team series: Want to Be’s 1,893. High individual single: John Taber 238, Del Jusko 165. High individual series: Taber 594, Cheryl Doner 450. Other high scores: Bob Paterson 204-211-584, Winfield Doner 223-231-575, Chris Delcamp 200-201-555, John Smith 198-531, Jimmy Krupa 182, Betty Tallchief 163, Diane Galarza 160-446.

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Monday Night Mixed Couples – High team single: Want to Be’s 697. High team series: Dom Polski 1,858, Want to Be’s 1,858. High individual single: John Smith 231, Betty Tallchief 189. High individual series: Bob Paterson 617, Tallchief 499. Other high scores: Paterson 213-225, John Smith 203-581, Mike Wise 214-559, Chris Delcamp 526, Diane Galarza 168-180-488, Cheryl Doner 178-456, Rebecca Skelly 178, Del Jusko 173.