Villages: Elections bring change

Don’t look now, but things are a changing in leadership positions.

In Forestville and Westfield, new mayors will be taking over in April as Linda Aures and Michael VandeVelde unseated incumbents. In Silver Creek, Nick Piccolo was elected without opposition.

We may have expected a close race in Forestville, but Westfield is a surprise and is likely a strong indication of Mayor David Carr’s disagreements with the Fire Department.

But before he even takes office, VandeVelde is barking up the wrong tree on Carr’s accomplishments.

“I’ve been here and seen it sit and be stagnate,” he said Tuesday. “I have new ideas and hope to move Westfield forward in a direction it has never gone before.”

One thing is clear in Westfield. The village did not stagnate under Carr. There was a new energy in the events and storefronts filled along Main Street.

Carr also was open to regional projects, including a show of interest in the proposed Chadwick Bay Regional Development Corp. north county water district.

VandeVelde cannot let that water opportunity for the village slip away. If he wants economic development, like he said Tuesday night, it won’t take only the village of Westfield.

It will take regional efforts that include lower tax burdens.