Landlord Association to meet tonight

The Northern Chautauqua Landlord Association has scheduled its next meeting today at 7 p.m. at the Bell Towers at 10 Ruggles St., adjacent to the Dunkirk Senior Center. The meeting is open to the public. Please enter through the back door off the parking lot for easy access to the meeting room.

The topic is Back to Basics with a presentation by attorney Charlie Loveland. The program will address landlord problems related to background data including personal references, credit history, criminal record, prior non-payment of rent, and inadequate housekeeping, as part of tenant screening. It will address proper means of eviction and collection of monies owed.

Thorough screening and secure, easily understood leases will be discussed. Legal resources when tenants damage property, leave bulk items for the landlord to dispose of, move in extra people not identified on the lease, violate the lease regarding pet policies or bring in insects like roaches or bedbugs to a clean apartment are some areas for discussion.

The mission of the Landlord Association states, “We will strive through programs of education for our members to better understand the rights and responsibilities of real estate investment. We will learn from each others’ experiences and strive to support strong and healthy businesses for our members. We will provide a time and place to exchange information to support one another and to have a positive impact on our community.” Solidarity with other landlords, including anticipated cooperation with the Real Estate Investor Association of Jamestown helps assure the selection of responsible tenants who respect property, neighbors, and the over all appearance and well being of the city. Shared information and experiences help identify more wide spread problem areas.

Increasingly, landlords experience a need to document and address government and grant agencies’ reluctance to hold dishonest and irresponsible clients accountable for their behaviors. This has become a contributing factor in lost rental properties and depreciating housing stock in our communities. Landlords who have been experiencing difficulties with tenants or agencies which enable irresponsible behaviors are encouraged to attend or communicate with Judy Presutti at 366-7884.

Each month starting this April a responsible and outstanding tenant will be nominated for recognition by the landlord association.