Dunkirk school board resolves to work with Fredonia

The Dunkirk Board of Education recently took another step toward a feasibility study with Fredonia to explore sharing options.

The Board of Education passed a resolution declaring Fredonia school district will be lead agent in the contract with Superintendent Paul DiFonzo as lead applicant and contact person and Dunkirk Superintendent Gary Cerne will serve as the district’s representative. The resolution also stated the districts are seeking a $45,000 Local Government Efficiency Grant which will require each district to contribute $2,500 in order to hire consultants to “identify areas where collaboration will increase efficiencies, reduce operating costs as well as maintain and provide more opportunities for students.”

According to Cerne, right now the districts have only agreed to share universal pre-kindergarten but the districts are also looking at sharing fall sports. He said the districts are optimistic about receiving the funding to do the project and Dunkirk is open to all shared service opportunities that will save the district money.

“Everything is open for discussion,” he said.

The district also heard a presentation from E2CC BOCES President David O’Rourke. He brought a survey to the board to ask what members would like from BOCES, what they are proud of and what it could work on.

He said BOCES is there “to fill the gaps and provide services” that constituent districts may not be able to provide efficiently by themselves.

O’Rourke said he is trying to reach every constituent district in order to receive feedback on how it can better serve them.

The next board of education meeting will be held April 23 at 6:30 p.m.

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