Students perform at Brocton board meeting

BROCTON – Some-times even members of the board of education get a special treat. On Thursday, Brocton board members and administrators were treated to a performance, directed by music teacher Marjorie Bohn, prior to getting down to business.

Bohn brought two different choruses to perform, her third-grade choir and the choir for fourth and fifth graders.

The third grade chorus sang an African song and a song in German about a lady bug. Bohn explained that the students German was quite good. The song starts out happily with the lady bug sitting on an arm, then changes to surprise as the lady bug’s house is on fire. The last verse returns to the lady bug returning to the arm.

The fourth and fifth grade students sang about the world of books. Bohn said the song was special for them. The other song was Japanese. Its theme was cherry blossoms.

Elementary Principal Sandra Olson thanked the students for their performances. She also commended Bohn, who has a great interest in choral music for children and has served as a guest conductor for children’s choirs in the Rochester area.

There was some comment about the release of the report on consolidation with Brocton. Reportedly, both schools have posted the report on their websites. Superintendent John Hertlein as well as Board President Thomas DeJoe emphasized that they want to make sure the process is transparent. While the consultants’ job is done, they are available for questions from the board if something in the report is unclear.

The report itself is a little under 300 pages. Several board members commented that they had homework and they would be studying the report.

The Brocton and Westfield boards of Education are planning a joint meeting on April 11, with a regular meeting of the Brocton board to follow. The exact time and details will be released soon.

District clerk Linda Miller noted that petitions for the board of education are available in her office during regular business hours. Two board seats are expiring on June 30.

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