Gowanda selects Students of the Month

GOWANDA – Gowanda High School has selected Students of the Month for December for their achievements in several different subjects. The honorees are as follows:

Coyee Thompson, Grade 9, science

Thompson was chosen by Margaret King because each morning when she sees Thompson in the hallway he greets her with a smile, and a cheerful “good morning Miss King.” He is a hardworking student who strives for excellence in class every day. Thompson is always actively engaged in classroom discussions and is not afraid to ask questions. During laboratory activities he is on task and willing to help his lab partners when they are struggling. Thompson is a leader in class, whether he is working quietly and independently or as a member of a group. He has decided to put most of his focus on academics and therefore chose not to participate in extracurricular activities as a freshman. His hopes are to go to college after high school.

Dexter Jimerson, Grade 11, LOTE

Jimerson was nominated by David George-Shongo because of his desire to learn the language. His interests lie in the study of Native American culture and he is a fine example of a student who honors his heritage. After high school he hopes to be very successful in the field of medicine and his dream is to put an MD after his name.

Maria Jefferlone, Grade 9, business

Jefferlone was nominated by Ed Bugenhagen because of her work ethic and determination to succeed. He has found her to be a respectful, caring and dedicated individual. Jefferlone stands out as an example for other students, not only through her academic achievement, but through her spirited character as well. Her active participation in class is paired with a cheerful and polite attitude. Perhaps one of her greatest qualities is a willingness to help others; whether it is a fellow student or a teacher, she is always willing to lend her expertise. Jefferlone participates in dance at Performing Arts. After high school she plans to continue her academic studies in college.

Sydney Gominiak, Grade 11, Panther PRIDE

A student chosen for Panther PRIDE illustrates, on a daily basis, what being a panther means: prepared, respectful, involved, determined, and excellence. This month’s selection is Sydney Gominiak. Gominiak is an outstanding student at Gowanda High School. She is on both the GCS Varsity Volleyball team and the softball team. She also is the treasurer for the upcoming Europe Trip. Her future plans include attending JCC for two years and then transferring to a four-year school in order to study criminal justice.

Joseph Furlet, Grade 10, physical education

Furlet was nominated by Amy Cassidy because he has a determination that is evident in all classroom situations. He is always doing his best to succeed and improve his performance. He willingly takes feedback and is not afraid to try new approaches to a task. Leadership is another quality that Furlet possesses and demonstrates in class and within the school community when the opportunity presents itself. He would like to enlist in the Air Force after high school and then attend college after four years.

Kelsey Delpriore, Grade 11, the arts

Delpriore was nominated by Robin Smith because she is an asset to the chamber choir in which she holds the position of section leader. She is always willing to help others who are in need of musical assistance, offering her advice whenever it is appropriate. Her ability to perform as an upper level musician is evident in her daily participation in chamber choir and band, as well as her involvement in extra-curricular musical ensembles such as the Chautauqua Children’s Chorale. Delpriore also takes pride in her involvement in extra-curricular school-related theater arts programs and events. Recently, she graced the stage as an integral cast member in “12 Angry Jurors” and as a leading player in “Anything Goes” this past November. Delpriore is a wonderful role model for all students. Her enthusiasm, positive attitude and diligent work ethic make her a joy to work with. Delpriore not only participates in the arts; she runs for the Gowanda cross country team. Her plans after graduating from high school are to go to college to pursue a teaching career and to fall in love.

Madeline Ackley, Grade 9, mathematics

Ackley was nominated by Richard Weber because she completes her homework every day and scores very high on all of her tests. However, it is Ackley’s work ethic that separates her from all the other students. She color codes her class notes. She shows all of her work including each mathematical step for each homework question. She also comes to class every day eager to learn geometry. Ackley is a wonderful student and well-deserving of the student of the month award in math. She is a member of the JV volleyball team as well as a participant in all-star cheerleading and dancing in Fredonia. Her goal is to pursue a career in the medical field so that she can help children.

Michelle Merrill, Grade 10, ELA

Merrill’s adroit use of language and style make her a refreshing part of Mr. Jarzynski’s day. She has a confidence in her writing combined with a feisty personality. She is ambitious and determined. All of these qualities create a worthy candidate for SOM. Merrill is a cheerleader and takes gymnastics outside of school. Her goal for her future is to become a doctor and work in pediatrics because she wants to help kids who are sick.

Tiffany Farley, Grade 10, social studies

Farley was nominated by Katheryn Jordan because she is one amazing global studies all star! She earns “mastery” on every test she takes, always participates in class, and does stellar work for each and every assignment or project. Even when she receives a 98 percent on a test, she completes test corrections to raise her grade even higher. She strives for excellence in everything related to global studies and is a model student for her fellow classmates. Farley participates in karate and is an active member in her church. Her plans are to go to school to become an endocrinologist in order to help kids who have diabetes because she has first-hand experience with the disease.