Troop donations bring ‘appreciation’


I wanted to share this with our wonderful community who helped us so very much with our last two mailings. We just received this heartfelt thank you and it should be seen by everyone who donated.

We just received the following letter from a Senior Master Sergeant, U.S. Air Force:

“Dear Blue Star Mothers and community of WNY,

“I wanted to personally extend to you my sincere appreciation for the care packages you put together and sent to our airmen in the field. Words cannot adequately express how much the goods and other snacks you fine folks sent meant to our warriors.

“Getting mail in the combat zone is always a morale booster, but when it is an unexpected gift from great citizens and patriots such as you, who support us without even knowing our names, it is very special.

“The efforts put into buying, packing and shipping all of those care packages demonstrated to our Airmen that they are not alone, especially during the holidays, and the positive impacts of your deeds are felt across our entire area of operations.

“What you all did really speaks to what we fight for and makes us proud to serve. Thank you for all your help in making this past Christmas and Easter seasons great ones for all who received your packages.



“Senior Master Sergeant, USAF”

Thank you to our community for all the support and donations you all give so freely … everything we receive goes directly to our troops serving.

May God bless you, May God bless our troops and may God bless America!!

Susan Rowley is president of the Blue Star Mothers, Lake Erie New York Chapter 4, and a Frewsburg resident.