Agency is a city entity

We heard it from the previous administration, so why would we not hear it from the current group?

The discussion revolves around the Dunkirk Local Development Corp., which some in City Hall claim is not part of the government. “We have to really get that straight, everyone,” Development Department Director Steve Neratko said earlier this month during an economic committee meeting. “The DLDC is a completely separate organization.”

Yeah right.

According to the web site, the Dunkirk Local Development Corp. is listed under city offices. “The DLDC is the economic development arm of the City of Dunkirk and has the capability of acquiring commercial buildings for redevelopment or demolition, giving out loans and grants, and other direct economic development incentives,” the site says. “Currently, the DLDC owns four pieces of property for development, and maintains 12 active small business loans.”

But who pays the salary of the DLDC executive director? City government, of course.

The mayor, the city leader, also has a role in the DLDC as well as the Common Council.

So while the DLDC has – for the last 10 years and maybe more – considered itself a “completely separate organization” it is still tied very closely to Dunkirk and its leaders.

No matter how “separate” it is, it is still city government.