Dunkirk: Whittle down fire halls

Dunkirk Mayor Anthony J. Dolce hit all the high – and low – points earlier this month in his State of the City speech. But there was one part that really caught our attention: the fire halls.

For years – and with good reason – one of the toughest changes to make in our region has to do with Fire Departments. When you consider the number of volunteers and the amount of funds raised and good will these departments provide, it is tough to question or change things.

But in the city of Dunkirk, there are few volunteers due to the number of paid firefighters. Because of that, Dolce is looking to do a study on the city fire stations.

“We need to make that decision and go forward. We have such an aging infrastructure, whether we’re talking about fleets, roads, equipment, buildings. We’re really behind the eight-ball here,” Dolce stated. “We really need to develop some long-term plans going forward.”

Absolutely correct.

It is time to get the ball rolling. Reductions in fire halls must be considered and are a likely part of the equation.