Only one is the designer


Without regard to the size – no matter how large – our universe might be, even a cursory, shallow or casual observation will quickly yield the obvious; life cannot be from spontaneous generation.

It has been said that hoards of monkeys typing on millions of typewriters could never produce works of Shakespeare. Why not? Well, one reason is that the entire universe, as we know it, does not have the space to contain the monkeys nor the typewriters, paper, the results and etc.

The same applies to the world of living beings. The likelihood (actually impossibility) of uncharted, spontaneous assembly of the living from the inanimate happens to be (conservatively) 1-to-1,000 … with 40,000 more zeros .

The number won’t fit in this space. There never was any “energetic primeval soup” (not on Earth, Mars, this galaxy nor other). Beginnings of life NOT being random are therefore a calculated, purposeful effort of a designer!

ALL design requires a designer. That designer is found in John 1:3 among many other places. I do have an idea where we might look for some “primeval soup”….. but that’s for another day.