Fredonia residents to see sewer rate increase

Residents in Fredonia will be seeing an increase in their sewer rate effective June 1. It was announced in the mayor’s budget and the Village Board discussed the sewer budget in depth Monday evening during a budget workshop.

“The mayor’s budget includes a $5 increase in the minimum charge. Nothing on the per 1,000 usage just the minimum charge,” Village Administration Richard St. George said.

The sewer rate per 1,000 gallons will remain unchanged but the minimum charge per quarter will increase to $10. The increase is estimated to bring an additional $60,000 into the village as revenue. Other increases in the budget include an increase in state retirement of $16,810, an increase in social security of $999 and an increase in workers’ comp of $1,896. Health insurance is also set to increase by 16 percent and liability insurance will increase 5 percent.

At the request of Chief Operator for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Betsy Sly, the equipment replace and repair lines were increased by $5,000.

She wanted money in those lines just in case.

“There’s just small motors that go along with replacement (in the centrifuge),” Sly said.

She also said to replace the centrifuge will be a capital project that the village may be able to incorporate under an energy performance based project. The village will look into this more at a later date. Also to ensure the wastewater treatment plant will be stocked, Sly plans on stockpiling chemicals if there is money left over from this year’s current budget in May.

The board also discussed capital projects that would be financed and would not affect the upcoming year’s budget. Among those projects were the Canadaway Creek sewer line, repair of spalding concrete, centrifugal blower replacement, rehab of the second digester, replacing the phone system and chlorine conversion to hyopchlorite. The board did not formally agree on any projects except Streets Supervisor Jack Boland said the Canadaway Creek sewer line would be completed hopefully by June.

The board will host another budget workshop on April 1 at 5:30 p.m.