Pomfret to discuss various policies, local law tonight

The Pomfret Town Board discussed various policies at its recent meeting, including ones involving the seniors and a chapel.

Council member David Penharlow brought up a charge listed in the monthly vouchers by the Grape Belt Seniors for a purchase they made on a bookcase.

Penharlow thought that the town should have a purchase policy where purchases, excluding necessities, be previously approved by the town board instead of seeing the purchases at the meeting for the first time.

“I’m more concerned about the process than the purchase itself,” Penharlow said. “We can’t see these invoices for the first time when we’re approving payment, for whatever it might be.”

Council member Ann Eckman agreed and would also like to see a policy put in place for expenditures. Supervisor Don Steger said he was working on such a policy previously, but the board never completed discussions. Penharlow wanted a process that just had clarity.

He wants to see a process in place to lay guidelines out on what is eligible for purchase. Penharlow said this is much better than having groups such as the senior groups, submitting a purchase and not being eligible for reimbursement.

Eckman also introduced a proposed local law which the two town justices wrote. The law will allow the town to implement a violation of ordinance for the court, the justices and defendants to plead to. The village of Fredonia has a similar law.

The town also discussed a rental policy for the chapel at the cemetery but will be further explained at the next workshop.

The workshop will be held today at 5 p.m. and the town board will address policies for the seniors and the chapel, as well as the proposed local law and the codes.

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