Carol Woodward resigns from Forestville Board

FORESTVILLE – Carol Woodward is now a former trustee.

At Tuesday’s board meeting, her resignation was read by Mayor Bowker. It was effective Feb. 27, the day after the previous board meeting.

A simple resignation, it only contained a notice of her resignation and the effective date. Board members accepted her resignation.

Reached by telephone after the meeting, Woodward said she did not want to give a reason at this time.

Because of the resignation, there were three people conducting business: trustee and incoming mayor Linda Aures, trustee Kimberly Stott, and Mayor Bowker.

Motions that were approved included: passing a transfer request for Bahgat & Laurito-Bahgat, accepting a list of Fire Department Members as presented, accepting the resolution of the Time-Warner Contract, accepting a tentative budget for 2013-2014, discontinuing the $1.50 fee for the second notice village tax bill, appointment of Patricia Morelle and Laurie Strong to the Village Ethics Board, Purchasing 12 lengths of fire hose equipment at a cost of $1,434, changing the wording in the Fire Department by-laws from 25 calls to 25 events for the ability to vote in fire department elections, and a motion to continue with Eagle Systems Office Technologies for the maintenance agreement on the Sharp copie/fax in the clerk’s office.

The board tabled: a motion to authorize the cost for a Basic Accounting Course, approval of the minutes of the Jan. 29 meeting and a motion to accept Global Connect phone system.

The board will next meet for its organizational meeting the date and time of which will be announced. At that time, Linda Aures will preside as mayor and new trustees will be Margaret Borrello and Kevin Johnson. The new mayor will have the opportunity to appoint two new trustees.

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