Some ‘bunny’ has to do it

STOCKTON – Some-times it is just better to surrender to the inevitable. Stockton Town Supervisor David Wilson did just that when he confirmed that he will be donning a giant rabbit costume again this year for Stockton’s annual Easter egg hunt. The event is scheduled for Saturday at 2 p.m. in Millrace Park.

Last year, Wilson wound up in a pink and white costume after originally saying he wasn’t going to do it. Joelle Dziduch, recreation supervisor for the town, as well as others had urged him to “take one for the team.”

This year, Wilson gave a sigh and said, “I was talked into it.” Perhaps it is a matter of “if the bunny suit fits, wear it.” Wilson is not a short man, but the pink and white costume fits wonderfully on him.

Dziduch wondered whether the park would be a good place for the event because the ground is wet, but the board agreed that if held in the front of the park, it would not too muddy. The idea was that the children should wear rubbers rather than sandals. In case of rain or snow, the location would be moved; probably to the fire hall.

Dziduch also discussed plans for the town’s summer program for children. She would like it to run June 24 through Aug. 16, and said she would not be present every day, but her sister Jenna Dziduch would be.

Board members expressed their confidence in Joelle’s leadership, and told her to adjust the schedule as she pleased.

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