Make the most out of what Jesus gave you

Happy Easter! Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. Do you ever stop on Easter to think of how we are celebrating the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus? We are. He did it all. Never before and never again has anyone done that.

Before we go any further, I want to talk about Jesus’s father. God. Let’s start at the beginning. I believe it takes more faith to believe in the creation of the world as depicted by scientists than to believe in the creation of the world by God. Just look at the perfection of the world. I love nature! I love the soft breeze through the branches of the trees. I love the breathless glory of a sunrise. Just as I love a gorgeous sunset. I love water (sometimes I drink it down and sometimes I drink it in). I love the moon and stars at night. Everything is in its place and we can count on it. Yes, sometimes we have natural disasters like a volcano erupting or a hurricane or a tornado. All of these are out of the usual, but they are never forceful or destructive enough to ruin everything God has made. These natural disasters are challenges to Man and Man always rises to the occasion, with people helping each other through grief and to rebuild.

Now, God created his son Jesus, knowing that Man would fail and that he would need a savior. But why should that savior be Jesus? Why should He suffer and die just to eradicate all of our sins? It’s because the depravity of man was so great that it required a very high price. What could be a higher price to pay than to sacrifice the life of a son, especially God’s son? Jesus was innocent of all sin, yet he was willing to be sacrificed for us. Let’s put ourselves in place of God the Father. Could you sacrifice your own son? Could you allow him to suffer, bleed and die for Man, who was so hateful and sinful?

The story is hard to accept, because Jesus didn’t deserve what was done to Him, and Man didn’t deserve what was given to him. All of this is hard to understand, but the heart of the story is that God’s sacrifice of His son Jesus was love in its purest form. God loved us, and made the ultimate sacrifice to save us. God put us first, above His son, and Jesus put our needs first, too. He accepted his Father’s plan of salvation. No wonder people find this story hard to believe. But believe it! I say, grab that truth with both hands and be saved!

I read a lot and some of what I read is just so profound that it’s hard to believe. Sometimes, educators find great joy in writing into the heads of the readers. Well, I feel the same way, except I don’t want to write into your heads, I want to write into your hearts. Notice the heart is lower than the head, but if the heart understands, then the message will reach the head and never leave the heart. Jesus wants our hearts. I hope I have let you see God and Jesus in a new light. Maybe that’s what Bible scholars mean when they say “Jesus is the light of the world.”

Let’s think about the current state of the world today. How do you think God sees us? What proportion of the people are doing His work? Is the percentage up or down? Are more people going to church or fewer? Are more people reading the Bible or fewer? Is there more love in the world, or more hate and intolerance?

Last night I watched a program on how the American people were fooled into believing that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that we were in danger of being attacked. Then it showed how some politicians knew the truth but were afraid to say so. They didn’t want to lose their positions in the government. It was a matter of losing money and losing face. It’s a hard position to be in. The president and his advisors fed us lies and we swallowed them.

Okay, the world isn’t doing as well as it could be. But what can we do about it? I am told repeatedly that I can’t change the world. What can I do alone? I read and listen to the news. I express my views to people, and I agree with some things and disagree with others. The thing is, no one should remain quiet. I try to spread love, joy and patience, and I try to live by God’s word. I owe Jesus that. No one can afford to do nothing. Make wise choices and make the most out of the second chance Jesus gave you.