Silver Creek discusses raise for court clerk

SILVER CREEK – A raise for the new court clerk was recently discussed at the Silver Creek Village Board meeting.

Justice Richard Saletta recently asked the board to grant part-time court clerk Amanda Snyder a raise. He explained she needs to finish her e-justice training and still needs more training from retired and now part-time court clerk Carol Waugh.

He said Waugh is cutting back on her hours and those cutbacks would offset the raise. He said he is leaving this decision up to Waugh because she is training Snyder.

Mayor Elect Nick Piccolo asked if she is in a position to merit a raise.

“Carol says now is the time,” he responded.

Trustee Amy Romanik asked if Snyder is still on probation.

“It is not usually our practice to give raises while people are still on probation,” Romanik noted.

Snyder was hired in November and therefore still has two more months left on her probation. Romanik said she would vote no and Piccolo would have to abstain. The board decided to table the matter and revisit it after Snyder’s probation period has expired.

The board also allowed the mayor to sign a memorandum agreement with Silver Creek Central School for the shared municipal services incentive grant pertaining to the salt barn.

The board also approved a change in the rules for public comment at meetings. Mayor Kurt Lindstrom explained comments will have a limit of three minutes, the mayor will be in charge of enforcing the time limit and longer speaking time may be granted by a majority of the board.

Hanover Resident Melissa Shaw also addressed the board asking if there was any decision about making village parks smoke-free. Shaw visited the board six months ago with Laurie Adams from the Tri-County Tobacco Free Coalition. Trustee Ben Peters said he hasn’t had a chance to contact her on the matter but will call her soon and report back to the board.

The board will next meet April 1, when elected officials will be sworn in. The public hearing and presentation of the tentative budget will be held April 15.

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