Hospital leaves positive impression


After 72 years of faithful service, my right hip had finally given out and I needed a replacement. Since several people had hastened to inform me that they did not rate Brooks Hospital too highly, naturally I entered the building with some trepidation on the day of surgery.

Then four days later, I left for some additional rehabilitation. But this time I left with a definite attitude change. I clung desperately to the handles of the wheelchair when taken out the door to be picked up. I didn’t want to leave!

During my short stay I had not found one thing to complain about. The medical personnel, including the physical therapy department, were so professional yet kind and compassionate. The noise level was such that you could rest without bells ringing, people talking in the halls, and without general chaos prevailing. And the food and its service … so accommodating and so good with plenty of choices.

I shall certainly remember my stay there with fondness. Perhaps I could come up with a good reason that might find me back at the hospital. Nothing life threatening you understand, just a little something that would return me to a place that must be operated by people who highly value their patients’ mental, physical and digestive health.

Brooks Memorial Hospital, you rock!