‘Belittled’ chief deserves praise


This is in response to the “OBSERVER’s View” (March 22) headlined, “Have foreman stick to job.”

I believe Silver Creek Department of Public Works foreman Ralph Crawford had a right to tell his side of the article criticizing him and his department.

For the article to then refer back to the DPW facility being moved outside the village does not relate to his response of the “accident.” Ralph is managing the village DPW as a foreman, not a superintendent, which saves the village from hiring a superintendent, which would be more expensive.

Mr. Crawford worked with FEMA after the flood because he was the most available person and most familiar with the damages and losses. It is disturbing to me that no one considers what it would have cost if the village had taken a different approach to finding a DPW location. It is not respectful to criticize someone because you don’t personally agree with their point.

Why don’t we get upset at FEMA because they have not responded to our village’s losses, instead of the DPW foreman!

Ralph Crawford researches and gathers more information on village affairs and problem solving than some past board members ever did, at no extra cost.

From what I have observed, Ralph does his job and then some. Let’s let him concentrate on what needs to be done, and not be belittled by this paper’s views.


Silver Creek

Hypocrisy alive in Albany


Your Gov. Andrew Cuomo – not mine – bullied the SAFE act through the State Legislature and the Senate.

The law bans the sale of assault weapons, reduces magazine capacity to seven rounds – good luck finding them – from 10, requires current owners to register their assault rifles with the state – bet they are all lining up to do that – and much more that just punishes the law-abiding citizens who have done the background checks and bought their guns legally in the first place.

All this is to reduce gun related violence in this state. Yet now they are trying to make a exemption to the law for filmmakers to come to our state and use guns – with blanks – to portray the very same acts of gun violence that your governor – not mine – says he is trying to end.

We all know this is for the almighty dollar and the New York City interests. Maybe we gun owners can join this hypocrisy by each sending Cuomo $5 to make this ridiculous piece of legislation go away.

I would like to commend the governor on hightailing it out of Albany and scurrying to New York City during the recent protest instead of talking to his constituents. At least we know where we will be getting the yellow for our state flag this year.



Reed showing leadership


As a citizen of the Southern Tier, I was pleased to see recent news reports that our Congressman Tom Reed has taken the initiative in reaching across party lines to try and resolve the difficult budget problems that the country faces on the federal level.

Both major political parties helped create this huge federal deficit and both will be needed to reduce or eliminate it. I commend Mr. Reed for his leadership and good judgment in supporting a bi-partisan approach in the Congress. Anyone can go to Washington and vote “No.”

In contrast, it takes vision and statesmanship to stand up and help craft solutions necessary to move the nation ahead. Kudos to Mr. Reed.