Patient petitioners

Residents from South Roberts Road and New Road attended the recent town board meeting to see if there is still hope for a water line in their area.

Gene Tarnowski returned to present the board with the signed petition from nearly all the residents of South Roberts Road, New Road and Roberts Road Extension. He said there were only a few out-of-town owners he was unable to reach for a signature.

He said every resident he spoke to wanted him to do what he could to get city water in the area. However, considering the cost of the prospective project, Tarnowski wanted to know whether there is hope or if they have reached a dead end.

“I heard a new home on New Road just hooked into a private line, but I thought you said there would not be adequate water for more tie-ins? I need to know whether I should tie in there or if there is any hope for this water line,” he said.

Town Supervisor Richard Purol explained when he said there is not adequate water off of the 4-inch Franklin Avenue line he meant for hydrants, which are not necessary with a private line on private property.

He said he spoke with the Chadwick Bay engineer about the project to get some ideas. Purol said he wasn’t sure how much grant funding would be available for a small project like the one suggested.

“So we are paying for something we will probably never end up using?” Jana Tarnowski asked, referring to the comprehensive water district tax. “Would you be happy with that?”

Purol explained the tax is collected goes into a reserve to pay for repair in waterlines. Mrs. Tarnowski pointed out there are no waterlines in their area at this point.

Purol said he will speak with the engineer again.

“We will see what we can do,” Purol added.

Councilman Robert Penharlow gave an example of the county Soil and Water Board receiving a grant, giving residents encouragement that there may be grant funds out there for this kind of project.

The board accepted the residents’ petition for the record. The board will hold a workshop and special meeting on April 2 at 7 p.m. in the town hall. The regular meeting will be held April 16.