New Forestville board organizes

FORESTVILLE – Linda Aures, the recently elected mayor of Forestville, is beginning her term with a new slate of trustees.

Officials of the village of Forestville were sworn in Monday evening at a special meeting called for the purpose of organization. Janine Salzman, Hanover Town Clerk, conducted the ceremonial swearing in.

Linda Aures took the oath as mayor. After asking if someone in her family wanted to hold the book, Aures’ granddaughter Allison Karcz volunteered to come up and do the honors. Trustees Margaret Borrello and Kevin Johnson were sworn in next.

Once the meeting began, Aures announced that she was appointing David Bishoff Sr. to fill one of the two openings on the board. Salzman then swore him in. Salzman is a former trustee who served from 2000 to 2004.

The new board tabled the reading of minutes from the March 26 meeting and old business from previous meetings until the next regular meeting of the board, scheduled for April 9.

The board passed two resolutions.

One specified the official designations for the coming year: Evans National Bank as financial institution of record; the OBSERVER as newspaper of record; and the village office and the post office for posting of legal notices. The meeting schedule has been changed to the second and fourth Tuesdays at 7 p.m. with no workshops.

After the meeting Aures said, “I hope we can do business without the need to call special meetings.”

She hoped that the twice monthly meetings would help the people stay informed. She also wanted to set a specific schedule instead of having a meeting on the last Tuesday which might be either the fourth or fifth Tuesday of the month.

“I hope this works out but if it doesn’t we can change it,” she said.

The second resolution scheduled a public hearing on the proposed budget for Monday April 15 at 7 p.m. at the municipal building.

Aures announced that one opening remains on the board of trustees for a one-year unexpired term. She encouraged residents interested in serving to submit a letter of interest. She also announced that the village is looking for a part-time clerk/treasurer and a part-time assistant village clerk. She has listed the jobs in the OBSERVER,, Chautauqua Works, and Jamestown Community College and encouraged anyone interested to look there for details.

After the meeting, Johnson said he is looking forward to serving on the board. “I am used to serving he said. I was in the military service and then I worked as a nurse. For me, this is a natural progression.”

Bishoff said he accepted an appointment to the board to work for the people of Forestville.

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