Silver Creek Village Board members sworn in

SILVER CREEK – The new Silver Creek Village Board resolved to work together to do what is best for the village at its first meeting after the election.

First, new Mayor Nick Piccolo was sworn in by Silver Creek Justice Richard Saletta. Re-elected Trustee Thomas Harmon and newly-elected Trustee Warren Kelly were sworn in next.

Finally, Anthony Pearl, a Democrat who lost the election on March 19, was sworn in to fulfill the remainder of Piccolo’s term as trustee.

Piccolo is also a Democrat, but said that is not the reason he chose Pearl for the position.

“Basically, I chose him because he was the next highest vote-getter at the election. I felt like that was the best way to do it because then the residents get a chance to speak,” he explained.

Pearl said he is grateful for the opportunity to serve on the board and will work hard to do what is best for the residents.

Piccolo made committee and department liaison appointments including appointing Harmon as deputy mayor.

Piccolo said he chose Harmon because he is the most senior trustee and NYCOM suggested going with someone who has experience on the board.

Harmon said he was happy to be re-elected and hopes to “make an impact on the board.”

Piccolo said he would like the board to move forward by working together, being open to the community and being accountable.

“Now that the election is behind us, it is time to get to work on behalf of all the residents … We each made a conscious decision to run for public office out of a shared desire to serve our community and make Silver Creek a wonderful place in which to live and raise a family. That is a common goal that we all share, regardless of political affiliation, and it is with this goal in mind that we should focus our efforts. … By definition community is … a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common interests … It is this definition and sense of community that I would like to define my tenure in office and it is with this definition in mind that my door will always be open to those on the board as well as to all the residents … Another focus of my term in office will be the concept of accountability – accountability in leadership, accountability in employment and accountability in citizenship,” he said.

He also thanked the former board members for their hard work and dedication.

Piccolo also read appointments for other village boards and positions. He temporarily appointed Ralph Crawford as village public works working superintendent and Herm Griewisch as temporary village provisional chief water operator.

He said he made these appointments temporary because he wants to “open the channels of communication to see if they are comfortable in their positions and to see if changes are needed.”

Piccolo also listed several positions under review. He said most of these are because he was unable to contact the individuals who have served in the past, however the code enforcement contract with the town of Hanover is still being discussed.

At the beginning of the meeting Piccolo read a letter he is sending to the town board asking for an extension in the code enforcement contract until the village’s budget is worked out as well as sharing services in the future. Town Councilman Kevin O’Connell attended the meeting and said the board had already discussed the issue in anticipation of Piccolo’s letter and agreed to the extension.

Piccolo also said he was sending a letter to the village of Forestville, offering to share services and to work together on the code enforcement contract.

The board will meet April 15 for its regular meeting as well as a public hearing to override the tax cap and to present the budget.