Brocton’s CHIPS allocation increase may be just in time

BROCTON – An increased apportionment from the New York State Department of Tranporta-tion Consolidated Local Street and Highway Im-provement Program could not be arriving at a better time for the Brocton and Portland area.

Village of Brocton Streets Department Supervisor Tom Allen, who was praised recently by the village board of trustees for his 40 years of service to the village, gave the board some welcome news during his report.

He said Brocton’s CHIPS allocation will be increasing this year by approximately $7,000.

Allen reminded Village Mayor Dave Hazelton to review the budget and make any changes necessary to reflect that additional appropriation since the Village and the Town of Portland will be entering into a large-scale project with its Peerless Street Bridge. Brocton will be responsible for the replacement of the roadway involved with the revamp of the bridge, and Portland will be tackling the actual bridge structure, both of which have been out of service due to structural hazards.

Hazelton responded, “I did have to put an extra $10,000 into the highway budget this year because of the bridge project and more than likely that additional money will help with our share of the project, which of course is the roadway.”

The mayor thanked Allen on behalf of the board for his dedicated years of service, adding, “Tom is a great asset to our village, as all of our employees are, and I just can’t tell you how much we appreciate his knowledge.”

The board heard a report from Dave Spann of Land Management Services on the forestation efforts of the village’s watershed properties.

Spann requested a contract extension for the timbering contractor John Burkholder, which would expire at the end of February 2014, in order to see a larger return on the type of wood on the fair market and to be able to easier access the timber due to the recreational snowmobile traffic that cuts through the current job site.

The board and its consulting attorney Sam Drayo saw no issue in giving the contract an extension based on Spann’s report and resolved to extend the contract through February 2014. Spann reported to the board that he has been extremely happy with the contractor’s work citing them as “a very good outfit.”

Electric Lineman for the village, Joe Majkowski also requested that bids be accepted for wood taken down recently from infringing tree lines, which will be due in sealed form to the Village Clerk’s Office by April 17.

The board of trustees will meet again today. A 6:30 p.m. budget hearing has been slated for that meeting, with the regular meeting and reorganizational meeting to follow.