Cassadaga tax rate may be reduced

CASSADAGA – At the recent budget work session, Cassadaga Village Board members looked over the projected revenue for the coming year. Next they looked at the expenses the village has.

The good news is that the new ambulance was paid in full. The village puts money aside to meet large items like this so that they do not have to borrow as much when the time comes for replacement of equipment.

Trustee Michael Lehnen, liaison to the fire department, put in a pitch to fix the municipal building that contains village offices as well as the fire department. Items he mentioned were the sidewalk near the building and the kitchen.

The board decided to allocate $40,000 in the account designated for buildings.

Looking at the numbers, Mayor LeeAnn Lazarony said, “We are not going to have to raise taxes. It looks like we can lower it a bit.”

Currently the tax rate is $4.10 per thousand. The board discussed how much it might be lowered, but no firm conclusion was reached at this meeting.

The budget will be presented at the next meeting of the village board which will be held in the village offices at 7 o’clock tonight. At that time, the new board will be meeting. Former trustee, Jeffrey Frick will be returning to the board. Lehnen and Lazarony were re-elected.

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