Brocton may hike water and sewer rates

BROCTON – Brocton ratepayers could be looking at a water and sewer in-crease for the coming year.

A budget hearing has been scheduled for tonight at 6:30 p.m.

Village Mayor Dave Hazelton reported to the board that he would like to see a 10-cents per 1,000 gallon after minimum increase on water and a 50-cents per 1,000 gallon increase on sewer rates.

“I’ve given you my rationale,” he told the trustees at the last board meeting.

“With the new project completed, we’re going to have debt service going forward. A 10-cent increase on water will raise $9,700 per year and the sewer increase will raise $24,000 per year. Rates have not been raised for sewer in 15 years. The largest part of our bill is based on assessment and unit charge and we’ll need these funds to pay the debt service off.”

By doing a budget review, Hazelton also stated he was surprised to see that the existing debt service wasn’t higher than expected.

“I was glad to find that $79,000 pre-paid over the last three years from the prison is in there.”

To comply with increasing state mandated requirements on water treatment and production, and to update its antiquated operation, the village made use of funding from USDA and Rural Development in order to completely overhaul its wastewater treatment facility.

Along with the budget hearing, the board of trustees will hold its official reorganizational meeting and regular meeting.

In other matters:

The board established the last date to pay delinquent water and sewer charges before the charges are re-levied to village taxes, which will be Tuesday April 9.

Trustees received a copy of the proposed garbage container and dumpster law from Attorney Sam Drayo, which they hope to act on this spring.

The law, set forth to help keep the village clean and potentially quell any neighbor disputes about refuse piling up for long periods of time, should be in its final form before its acted on, according to Drayo.

Board members were given a copy to review to make changes to as they see fit.

If the final form of the proposed law is in an agreeable form, it could be acted on as early as the next meeting date and would be legally enforceable by a code enforcement officer, according to Attorney Drayo.

Board members also authorized Village Clerk Karen Ardillo to seek a local professional or novice to update the official Village of Brocton website.

In the future, Ardillo would like to see meeting minutes, and other pertinent information available to the community through the website, which hasn’t been updated in quite awhile. Anyone who would be able to assist the Clerk’s Office with this or needing more information to recommend someone should call her office directly.